We found some more photographs from the Fraser Rd camp and Father’s Day.


Varsha’s birthday party had butterbeer and snakes and chicken kebabs and trifle and Pin the Rat on Ron and a treasure hunt and birthday cake and glow sticks.

The party part 2


Varsha’s party was fun! John and Cat took some great photos. It was a Harry Potter Monster High Party. Varsha was Ron Weasley and Lagoona Blue. Draculaura, Professor Trelawny, Headmistress Bloodgood, Clawdeen Wolf and Professor McGonagall were there.

Cats camera is playing up so photos from Caro’s blog.

Varsha’s Harry Potter/ Monster High Party was a big hit. Thiango has had her Clawdeen costume ready for months and Cosmo went as Abby Abominable’s Snow Leopard. The next day there was some play and some Madagascar bean sorting and we drove out of town towards Wallaby Creek. There was a lot of coloured hair from the party.

Thiango and Cat went shopping at the markets. Thiango bought a cupcake that looked fabulous and tasted awful.

We packed for Wallaby, Cosmo made jewellery for Varsha’s birthday and Thiago made cards. The Masaki family popped by for a visit.

Thiango and Cat went to Shakespeare at the TANKS rehearsal for some choreographic troubleshooting. Afterwards The Scream mob came for rehearsal to Walsh Street. The children spent a lot of time in the pool and baby Nina came too.

Lots of homeschooling families came to Goomboora Park for the day. We didn’t notice the heat at all in the cool shade of the creek.

In the evening Cally, Bono, Thiango and Cosmo took a walk on the Esplanade.

After an episode of Play School involving machines, we made a catapult with a wooden spoon and a music machine with jar lids and rubber bands.

That started a search for the old vending machine we made from cardboard last year. A big game was played with the dolls, Dumper Truck and the vendor lady who didn’t like kids.

We did some more packing of toys and Thiango did the washing up while Cosmo peeled the corn.

In the evening Cally showed Thiango tricks with Cat’s Cradle and Cosmo watched Skylanders with Will.

We started the day at the beach after collecting water from the Spring on Barron Falls Rd. Bono, Willem and Cally came too.

Thiango is still not 100%. Cally gave her an acupuncture treatment and Cosmo practised needling an orange.

It’s pretty hot so we rested in the afternoon. Cosmo is watching Skylander walkthroughs and Thiango is watching Sabrina the teenage witch.

In the evening we walked to the shops.

Cosmo has been playing a Pokemon game with Cat.

In the evening Thiango went to CoCA with Cally to watch a one woman show about a woman on a road journey across the desert.

When she came home she made a potion that can cure any sickness and Cosmo put together the candle vacuum experiment, and practised some tricks with hoops and heels.