We travelled home today and stopped for coffee and cake at Dino’s in Mareeba. Afterwards we called in to see Piers and Sarah’s new baby, Nina at Koah.

We drove to Mt Molloy via Port Douglas and made a visit to the Fraser Rd property. Caro and John and the girls were away but we had a nice overnight with a fire outside and a big game of ‘Who am I’. We looked at another house at Julatten too.

Thiango and Cosmo started the day with yoga. Gina and Mavis and Francine called by for a visit. While Thiango was at ballet Cal and Cat and Cosmo went for water at the Spring on Barron Falls Rd.

A quiet Saturday. Jo Jo came for a visit with Piers after soccer. The children had a swim with Bono. Jo Jo and Cosmo compared notes in their app worlds and Thiango kicked back with some movies. In the evening we read some Italian Fairytales.

We met up with the homeschoolers at Goomboora Park. The new playground is fabulous. The kids explored the creek on boogie boards and Thiango spent some time with baby Jessica.

Cosmo has been playing Bakugan for hours. We made a visit to the Botanic Gardens and discovered many trees in flower. On the way we stopped to watch a Golden Retriever having a wash in the mobile Smooch a Pooch.

Cosmo wanted to show Laxmi the vintage Readers Digest Atlas Ursula gave us. It’s pretty fascinating with a big picture of the moon and the original typed order form for extra copies.

Thiango, Cosmo and Laxmi played a Harry Potter game combined with a spy robber cooking scenario.

Cosmo made a special list of things that give you special powers and JB showed Thiango a new tuning on the guitar before we dropped them at the airport.

Miyako and Tao came for the morning and took Cosmo and Thiango to Goomboora park to check out the new playground. They made a shop and came home for noodles.

In the afternoon Cosmo chose a Barbie movie and a matching bucket of Fairy Floss from the DVD store as a special treat for Laxmi who arrived after dinner with Caro, John and Varsha - all the children enjoyed it!

Thiango and Cat played with some notation: a poem, the scale of C, and some free notation of experimental form music. We used a jumping/clapping exercise for brain integration before we did the free notation.

In the afternoon we drove to Kuranda for circus and Thiango had ballet afterwards.

Lazy old Sunday. Had maths with breakfast: Medieval Maths Battle, Cuisinaire rods and some quick vertical notations of units and tens.

Thiango watched some Victorious, Cosmo played Bakugan Century in Cal’s van and we settled in for some skipping and ducking before a big swim. There was an ice party in the esky and Bono swam laps until he was exhausted.

Cosmo took an afternoon rest with Harry and a bucketful of dinosaurs and Willem. Thiango and Cat watched a vintage Donald Duck in South America with a focus on watercolours.

We watched Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets while Cosmo checked his dragon worlds.