Thiango wanted to learn more about counting money so we counted with our collected coins and then we found some activity pages about money.

Cally took us to buy shoes and we found new thongs for Cosmo and some spunky sandals for Thiango. We had lunch at the Sushi train.

Cosmo and Thiango spent some more time on the train tracks and Cosmo zoomed in on Umizoomi maths games while Thiango watched Zac and Cody. We also spent a lot of time sorting clothes and fabrics for packing, took a walk to the shops to buy eggs and baked choc chip biscuits with cranberries.

In the evening we finished reading The Princess and the Mountain Dweller - an American Indian tale from Fearless Girls.

We started the day with an early morning swim at Holloways.

Cosmo practised lots of tricks with hoops and on his bicycle. Thiango did some tapping since watching an inspirational YouTube clip of the Nicholas Brothers yesterday. In the evening she choreographed a chair dance routine to some 50s classics.

The Kuranda mob came for rehearsal and we all gazed adoringly at baby Nina. Cosmo and Jo Jo compared iPad notes and the girls had a big swim. The train set came out and the Optimus Prime mask.

We talked about money, looked at rental houses on, discussed 70s fashion, gypsy culture, counted in 2s, 5s,10s and 100s and sang three different rounds.

Thiango was sick with a fever today and stayed in bed. She tried an episode of Brady Bunch but it was a bit dry. So she zoomed in on some 60s fun with I Dream of Jeannie, and then some 70s chaos with Tabitha, and some 80s mayhem with Sabrina. The witches and genies proved more interesting than the moral family.

We did dash out to see Ctl Alt Del youth circus show at CoCA which was a big hit with both Cosmo and Thiango but otherwise it was a day in bed. Cosmo did some free ranging with Bakugan but mostly he was quiet too - still recovering. He played the turtle game and dragon worlds, and watched Bakugan Defenders of the Core walkthroughs and Dora.

In the evening Will and Cat had a rehearsal at Canopy Art space - we all went: there was a big multicultural meeting on and everyone fed the children chicken, juice and popcorn.

Cosmo borrowed a microscope from Mount Molloy. It was $1 Tuesday so we borrowed lots of cool DVDs. Thiango and Cosmo did some drawings while they watched Playschool. Cosmo found a new turtle game on the iPad.

Lots more play before we left - a big family game where Cosmo played the son (Dr Skyden) of Varsha the Dad and Thiango the mum. Laxmi was his sister. Then there was a big X Factor talent show and some happiness with the new $5 Optimus Prime mask from Mt Molloy market.

Willem had some lovely Fathers Day cards and gifts. We packed up camp and had a big picnic with John and Caro. Everyone has fallen in love with the big dog Bruce, and the beautiful horses Painted Valley and Gypsy.


Laxmi had a big sleep in while John, Varsha, Thiango and Cosmo went to the Mount Molloy markets. They played in the park, bought preloved toys, lucky dips and cup cakes from Mrs Carruthers. Cally and Bono and Laxmi and I came down when Laxmi woke up. Bono loved playing with bubbles.

Varsha and Thiango created a brand called Varshgo. They made some products like Victapop, a drink that you could never drink too much of, healthy cigarettes, nit stuff that treated nits but did not smell strongly or make your head tingly, an apple dolly and a tiny indoor fountain. They also wrapped up father’s day presents and made cards.

Cosmo and Laxmi did a beautiful fan dance.

Cat and Will came back from Cairns and we went down to their camp at the end of Frazer Road. Big Bruce the puppy was there.

We came back home for dinner and more play. There was another round of the baby game. Cosmo was a doctor. We replaced the batteries in Cosmo’s Optimus Prime mask from the markets and it worked! There was a game of a talent show like the X Factor and Thiango did a really cool Darth Vader rap.

We camped at Fraser Road to see if Mis Cal wants to buy it. The big girls set up a new company called Varshgo - they did market and product research, made prototypes and a logo. The full moon is waxing.

Thiango’s Fashion Boutique has been a big hit. Varsha made some signs.